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Clean Lot. Clear Path. Healthy Environment.

Our dedicated team will clear your parking lot of debris, broken glass, gravel, and trash.


Service Area

Our company is based out of Palm Beach County. Currently, we service Palm Beach County.


Our pricing is based on a one-time basis or contractual agreement. Our lowest contract pricing starts at $25.00 an hour. We clean parking lots for small shopping centers, retail stores, schools, industrial business developments.


Remove Trash, Dirt, and Other Debris

Our dedicated team will clear your parking lot of debris, broken glass, gravel, and trash.


Full parking lot sweep in open and in accessible areas.

Inspector of property maintenance issues during cleanup using our sophisticated app for FREE!

Pressure cleaning

Service Consists of the Following

Litter Removal

Remove all debris from sidewalks, parking lot, common areas and landscaped beds including the rear of property.

Cigarette Urns

Empty cigarette urns on each service.

Garbage Disposal

Remove trash and replace with new trash bag


Surface Pressured Cleaned: Sidewalks, Under Canopies, Dumpster Corals, Gum Removal, Curbs
Concrete Cleaning: Sidewalks & Curbs, Signage

Pressure Washing

Our team provides a thorough, deep cleaning pressure wash of your property. Our system yields high-powered jets of water to clean mud, dust, grime, loose paint, moss, algae, and other residue from surfaces.

We deliver low and high pressure, or chemical based cleaning solutions to any surface to ensure a clean and safe environment. Although pressure cleaning aid in keeping your property beautiful, there are several reasons you need it for your business property.

Cleaner is safe

Boost your curb appeal

Environmentally friendly

Avoid injuries

Prevents damage

Saves money

Saves time and energy

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